Phenibut capsules: A brief Overview


Phenibut capsules are a Nootropic that are well known for improving sleep, reducing levels of anxiety and increasing a user’s cognitive performance. Phenibut is sometimes also sold under the name Noofen and is derived from GABA, a neurotransmitter. Phenibut was first synthesized by professor Perekalin’s team at the Herzen Leningrad Institute in the 1960s. The Nootropic became a standard addition to the Russian medical kit, which was used as an effective alternative to tranquilizers, which would reduce the levels of stress of Russian Cosmonauts, but would hinder with their performance.

Phenibut also goes by the name Fenibut and Noofen. It is a derived version of the natural substance known as GABA, which is an important inhibitory neurotransmitter within the brain. In other words, the supplement is a synthetic formulation of GABA, which has been designed with a slightly different chemical structure. Today, Phenibut is sold as a psychotropic drug which is used for the treatment of certain mood disorders. The drug is also widely used throughout Europe and the US. The best part about Phenibut capsules is that they are not regulated and because of that, are available without the need of a prescription.




Phenibut Benefits

Phenibut offers numerous benefits to those who face problems with their cognitive functions. Phenibut is an anxiolytic and helps reduce levels of stress and anxiety in users. Phenibut offers quite a few benefits that are mainly cognitive, neuro-protective, anxiolytic and cardio-protective in nature. The primary benefits of Phenibut is that is increases motivation and concentration. Phenibut is used by those who have panic attacks and stutter. Apart from that, the Nootropic is also used has a mood enhancing drug because of its anti-depressant properties. What sets Phenibut apart from other Nootropics is that it does not cause the users to get fatigued or irritable, as with other anti-depressants.

Phenibut Capsules: Dosage

In the case of Phenibut, the dosage is taken at once rather than dividing it in two or three doses that’s spread throughout the day. Since the Nootropic has a long half life, it can remain effective in a person’s system for a long period of time. Most users who take Phenibut find the preferred dosage between 250 mg to 1,000 mg. As a rule of thumb, it is also best to use Phenibut in two-week cycles since it is possible for the user to develop a tolerance to the drug after prolonged use. People should use Phenibut only as needed and in two-week on two-week off cycles.



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